Part 4: One Night in Bangkok

That night we wandered into a large open restaurant, parallel to Khaosan, which seemed to be full of foreigners and had a huge menu.  We both ordered several dishes to try as we are both quite fond of Thai food.  To start with we had those delicious spring rolls that seem to taste so much better here.  And for the main we had a spicy green curry and some crispy fired shrimp.  Thai food has a great aroma and spice to it which makes you want to just keep eating more.  The smell of basil, lemongrass and all their other aromatics filled the air.  Everything that everyone around us ordered just looked and smelled absolutely delectable, and being the definition of a glutton, it was quite hard for me to abstain from continuously ordering more food and icy cold tiger beers.  Come to think of it ‘icy’ may be a bit of an exageration- I don’t think Southeast Asia has quite yet got the concept of adequately chilled drinks.  But hey, who’s going to complain about a one dollar beer?  Definitely not me.

We made our way back to the main street and the night time festivities had kicked off.  The street was packed to the brim with travellers looking for a good time and locals looking to service and likely exploit their every whim.  Bars spill out on to the street in Khaosan and a trusty Sangsom bucket is never too far away.  We were looking to make it an early night because the bus was quite early the next morning, but how often does that ever really happen here.  The two of us were feeling quite mellow but that magic mixture of Thai whiskey/maybe rum?, red bull, and coke got us going again.  We ended up at a rooftop balcony place with live music which I had frequented the last time I was here under similar circumstances.

The bar didn’t seem as lively as usual at first, save for a few Japanese tourists going mental in the back.  Trust them to have a good time anywhere.  Their energy was infectious- it even got us going regardless of how spent we were feeling earlier.  Then came the band that totally blew the lid off the place.  A stunning Thai girl and her accompaniment broke out into Daft Punk’s “Get Lucky” and the whole venue went crazy.  Everyone was dancing with everyone- even me with my two left feet- and all the faces had one look- pure unbridled bliss.  Every song from then on was perfect, and every man in the place was enamoured by that beautiful singer and her incredible voice.  The little else I can remember from that night is eating two pad thais back to back off the street and being asked to clean up by an angry security guard, which seemed a bit unnecessary, seeing as the entire street was covered in garbage.  Those street pad thais on Khaosan are positively heavenly when you’re sober, and when you’re a little drunk, they’re even better.  Funnily enough if you’re interested in the history of Pad Thai, I wrote what I consider a work of art on the topic, that’s probably somewhere on this site.


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